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Tips for a Vintage Kitchen Remodel

When you renovate an older home, the goal is not always to replace old with new. In fact, some renovations are all about preserving the past with a design that reflects and pays respect to the yesteryear features that make your home unique. Whether you’re planning a renovation for a 60-year-old home, or working to […]

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El Paso’s bike share program gains speed

For getting around town, there are numerous options: by car, bus, train, bike, and, soon to come, trolley. El Paso’s SunCycle Bike Share Program, managed by the Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority, is one option that’s gaining speed. “Since the downtown is pretty dense, we’re all sharing 150 bikes,” said Cesar Martinez, SunCycle operations director. […]

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Art & farmers markets pop up in El Paso

It’s every vegan’s carrot-coated dream – El Paso is teaming with farmers markets. In recent years, art and farmers markets have popped up throughout the city (though mostly the Westside.) Not only a place to purchase fresh produce, jams and jerky, the markets are venues for local artists to display and sell their art, and […]